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CodeWeavers polishes Chrome code for Mac users

CodeWeaver has extended the Google Chromium launch beyond Windows.
They are announcing the release of CrossOver Chromium for Mac and
Linux, available immediately as a free download.

CrossOver Chromium ( is offered as a
proof-of-concept so that Mac and Linux users can try first hand the
power and flexibility of the new Chromium open source browser.
CrossOver Chromium also showcases the power of Wine that allows
CodeWeavers to rapidly migrate technology from Windows to alternate

“We did this to prove a point,” says Jeremy White, CodeWeavers
President and chief executive officer. “The message is very simply
this: if you are a Windows software vendor, and you want to get your
product into new markets, you should pay attention to Wine. Wine is a
very powerful tool for bringing your product to new audiences in the
Mac and Linux spaces. And in many cases Wine is faster and more
economical than doing a native port.”

White was quick to caution that CrossOver Chromium is still in its
early stages. “CrossOver Chromium is a proof of concept built around
a piece of beta code. So users shouldn’t view this as a production
release. It may be buggy, and they should use it with caution.
Nevertheless, it is as fully functional as the Windows beta, and we
think that sends an important message.”

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