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‘iFixIt’ posts photos of new iPod internals

iFixit ( has posted the first internal photos
of Apple’s new iPod nano and iPod touch. The disassembly reveals the
previously unknown presence of BlueTooth in the iPod Touch. The
photos and accompanying commentary for the iPod Nano 4th Gen. and new
iPod Touch 2nd Gen. are available online immediately.

The disassembly includes high-res photos of the internals of both
devices. The folks at iFixit say that Apple did some clever things
with the iPod touch speaker. It’s 0.2mm thin and mounted directly on
the metal backplate. The second generation touch has a Broadcom
BCM4325 Bluetooth chip. The Nike+ runs on the same frequency (2.4GHz)
as Bluetooth. It remains to be seen if the Bluetooth chip can emulate
the proprietary Nike+ protocol.

iFixIt says this iPod is somewhat difficult to take apart– fairly
similar to the previous iPod touch. The 4G nano screen is the same
resolution and physical size as the previous “fat” nano 3G. The
display cover is a piece of curved glass that physically separates
from the case. The glass is .7 mm thick on the edges and 1.7 mm thick
in the middle. The Nano has an updated Samsung-manufactured ARM
processor capable of running all the fancy new games and software

iFixit plans to provide replacement parts and complete repair
instructions for both iPods. Fixit Guides for every iPod and Mac
laptops are available free online at

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