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ATTO Technology ships quad-channel 8-Gb fibre channel host adapter

ATTO Technology ( has released what it says
is the industry’s first and highest-performing (up to 6400 MB/second,
full-duplex) 8GB, quad Fibre Channel host adapter with a x8 PCI
Express 2.0 bus interconnect (backward compatible with PCIe 1.1). In
addition to the release of the quad-channel ATTO Celerity FC-84EN
Host Adapter, the Celerity Fibre Channel product line also includes a
dual- and single-channel offering (Celerity FC-82EN and FC-81EN).

The quad-channel Celerity FC-84EN host adapter (US$3,995) provides
throughput for fibre channel applications while protecting technology
investments via backward compatibility with existing 4Gb and 2Gb
fibre channel infrastructures. The folks at ATTO say it has proven
aggregate speeds of up to 3200 MB/second reads or writes so is
capable of supporting the most intensive data applications, including
2K and 4K film editing, tape streaming and backup, rich content
delivery, and complex database environments. To ensure a smooth
transition path, the FC-84EN leverages the existing Celerity Fibre
Channel software and hardware architecture.

The Celerity 8GB Fibre Channel product line takes advantage of the
latest in host interconnect technology with PCI Express 2.0 (PCIe
2.0), a serial, high-speed connection that doubles the throughput of
PCIe 1.1 up to 4 GB/sec. Celerity 8-Gb host adapters feature ATTO’s
Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology, providing controlled
acceleration of large and small blocks of data, enabling users to
achieve the ultimate in I/O.

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