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WorqSmart releases QuoteSmart for Mac, Windows

WorqSmart has released QuoteSmart
(, an US$29.95 tool for gathering
and annotating your own personal favorite quotes, sayings, great
lines, poems, philosophies, wisdom, verses and passages. Not only can
you compile your own wisdom, but QuoteSmart comes pre-loaded with
over 6,000 quotes.

QuoteSmart comes with over 6,000 quotes. You can print, email, rate,
sort and add quotes. You can add notes and find quotes by author,
category, text and more. You can also access additional information
about the authors by clicking on the Wikipedia, Google and

QuoteSmart works with Mac OS X 10.4 or later and Windows 2000, XP
(with Service Pack 2 or 3) or Vista.

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