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iMarkMySpot is new digital photo geotagging app for the iPhone has released iMarkMySpot (, a
new app for the iPhone that’s used to “one-touch” geotag and geocode
digital photos withGPS locations. It uses the built-in GPS
functionality of the iPhone to store exact waypoint locations.
iMarkMySpot is a free download from the Apple App Store.

Stored waypoint locations can then be emailed to any address as a
standard GPX-formatted file, compatible with many photography and
mapping software packages. Using the time stamps from the photos and
the time stamp of the stored waypoints, digital photos are then
geocoded and geotagged.

Using iMarkMySpot in conjunction with digital cameras of any brand,
including any digital camera by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Fujifilm
or any other manufacturer, the exact location of where a photograph
is taken is stored in standard GPS/GPX waypoint files. After digital
photos have been uploaded to a computer, they can then be
automatically merged, by using many available photo management
software packages, with the GPX waypoint files created by iMarkMySpot.

iMarkMySpot can also be used without a camera as a stand-alone
location coordinate data logger. With the app, any iPhone user can
store their GPS locations, along with descriptions, as a travel log.
These waypoints can then be emailed and used with any GPX compatible
mapping software, including Google Earth, EasyGPS, GPSBable, RoboGEO
and others.

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