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Agenda for Mac OS X updated to version 4.0.3

Yenco has just has released Agenda 4.0.3
(, an update of the Mac OS X (10.4 and
higher) app that keeps track of your events and tasks, lets you enter
your thoughts, and create calendar or journal websites.

The upgrade fixes a usage log entry error where the incorrect
location was stated when creating the Agenda data file, makes a minor
visual adjustment to the roll up size of the small Agenda window,
adds the ability to click on the start and end date text in iEvents
to bring up the pick date dialog, improves iCal import speed, adds a
preference to remove and quit the reminder app, fixes a bug in the
small Agenda window when editing an existing event, adds a routine to
iEvents to properly exit the build or preview of a site when no
entries with the selected label(s) are found within the dates
specified, and updates & adds help content.

Agenda 4 is a shareware application. You can evaluate it free for 15
times to try out its features and decide if you like it before you
buy it. Registration is US$40. For a limited time, when you purchase
Agenda 4, you will get a free Magic Dice registration code. Version
4.0.3 is a free update for registered user of version 4.x.

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