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TweakerSoft introduces AroundMe 1.0 for iPhone

TweakerSoft ( has introduced AroundMe 1.0, a
new application for the iPhone. It costs US$1.99 and is available at
the Apple App Store.

Via GPS, AroundMe acquires the users location and allows them to
choose the nearest bank, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theatre,
restaurant, supermarket, theatre, etc. The selected listing is then
displayed on a map, and the software plots the route to the nearest
address. The chosen information can be added to the contact list or
emailed to a friend.

AroundMe also includes a Nearby listing too. You can use Wikipedia to
discover information about a chosen locale. Languages supported are
English, German, French, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese. AroundMe
requires iPhone 2.0 or later.

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