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Recordare adds MusicXML 2.0 support to Dolet 4 for Sibelius

Recordare LLC has released version 4 of its Dolet plug-in for the
Sibelius 5 music notation program. Recordare’s Dolet plug-ins serve
as “universal translators” between music notation programs. The Dolet
4 for Sibelius plug-in saves MusicXML 2.0 files from Sibelius. This
lets Sibelius users share files with users of other music

The Dolet 4 plug-in also supports many new Sibelius 5 features.
Combined with MusicXML 2.0 support, this greatly increases the
fidelity of moving sheet music from Sibelius to Finale and other
programs. New features saved in Version 4 include beaming, cautionary
accidentals, chord symbol diagrams, tablature staff tuning,
multi-measure rests, double-note tremolos, percussion staff
formatting, and blank pages.

Dolet 4 for Sibelius supports Sibelius 5 on Mac and Windows systems.
It’s available for US$149.95 direct from Recordare at

Upgrades from Dolet 3 for Sibelius are available for $99.95.

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