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Intelligent Assistance announces ‘Assisted Editing’

Intelligent Assistancehas released its First Cut documentary editing
software and Finisher for adding b-roll and titles automatically to
a-roll (aka “radio”) edits. These tools fit a new class of software
for editors called “Assisted Editing” because they assist the editor
by dramatically increasing productivity and reducing the time to
finished results, says co-developer and CEO of Intelligent
Assistance, Philip Hodgetts.

First Cuts was announced at the NAB Final Cut Pro Supermeet as “The
Assistant Editor” and automates the process of creating first cuts
with story arc, b-roll and lower third titles. Editors can use these
first cuts for inspiration or as the basis of their own edit, says

Finisher, previously unannounced, fits at the other end of the
editing process, taking A-roll edits and adds lower third titles and
B-roll. Finisher will use all log notes provided to it, but doesn’t
need log notes to perform its magic.

Intelligent Assistance’s First Cuts is available now at a
manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$295. Until Sept. 17, it’s
available for $245. First Cuts includes all the functionality of
Finisher. Finish is available now for $149; until Sept. 18, it’s
available for S$99. More information is available at

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