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Sonar Bookends range of XTensions shipping for QuarkXPress 8

XChange International ( ) has announced the
release of the Sonar Bookends range of XTensions for QuarkXPress v8.
Users can upgrade from earlier versions and they are available for
both Mac and Windows platforms.

Sonar Bookends Xref is a cross-reference generator for QuarkXPress. A
cross-reference is the insertion of the current page number of an
item, such as a table, chapter, figure, or appendix, into a document
to facilitate the reader finding that item. The page number can
optionally include a chapter reference. Anytime a document is
modified, all that is necessary is to tell Sonar Bookends Xref to
update the imbedded page numbers. In seconds, all of the document’s
cross-references will be adjusted. Even documents consisting of
multiple files can be cross-referenced by opening all of the files
before updating the page numbers. Sonar Bookends Xref uses a
proprietary “labelling” system so that the cross-referencing
information can be entered anytime, even as a document is being

Sonar Bookends Sequence is a QuarkXTension that automatically numbers
figures and tables in a document and makes working with figures and
tables easy. Users insert or remove a figure or table, tell Sonar
Bookends Sequence to update the sequence numbers,All existing figures
and tables (“destinations”) are completely renumbered. Additionally,
all locations where figures or tables are referenced (“references”)
are updated, too.

Sonar Bookends Sequence uses labels to associate figure/table
references with destinations. A label can be selected from a pop-up
list of currently defined labels or a new label can be entered
manually. A document can consist of one file or many files. Figure
and table numbers can increment sequentially from file to file, or
they can restart for each file. The figure/table numbers can be
embedded to give a more complicated figure or table name format.

Sonar Bookends Fnote is a footnote/endnote management package for
QuarkXPress. Footnotes and endnotes and their associated references
are connected using a tagging system. The notes are numbered
dynamically using a user-selectable numbering scheme and sorted so
that they are in the correct order to match their references in the
document. Special style sheets are used to format the note numbers so
that the note numbers can be restyled. Multiple files can be managed
at one time by simply opening them all at once.

Sonar Bookends Fnote uses labels to associate each footnote or
endnote reference with a particular footnote or endnote destination.
The user can either select the desired label from a pop-up list of
currently defined labels or a new label can be entered manually.

Sonar Bookends QkLink allows users to define PDF bookmarks and
hyperlinks directly within QuarkXPress so they are automatically
generated when the PDF version of the document is created. Bookmarks
can be defined manually or can be detected automatically using
various attributes that the user specifies. Hyperlinks are defined
manually. When the document is later converted to a PDF, the
specified bookmarks and hyperlinks appear in the PDF automatically.

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