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Lexar introduces 16GB capacity JumpDrive Secure II Plus USB flash

Lexar Media (] has introduced its 16GB-capacity
JumpDrive Secure II Plus USB flash drive. The 16GB Secure II Plus
JumpDrive is intended for consumers and small business users who want
to securely back up, store and share large files and amounts of data.

The JumpDrive Secure II Plus features a built-in capacity meter,
along with advanced security software. The onboard capacity meter
feature on the JumpDrive Secure II Plus lets you gauge the available
storage space on the drive. The 10-bar capacity meter shows available
storage space at a glance, without even plugging it into a computer.
It requires no software drivers, no administrative privileges, and it
works across platforms and functions independently of the operating

JumpDrive Secure II Plus comes pre-loaded with security software.
Users can create multiple password-protected areas using 256-bit AES
encryption, then drag files into these secure areas for automatic
encryption. When users drag the files out again, they are
automatically decrypted. JumpDrive Secure II Plus also provides a
File Shredder feature, which allows users to securely discard files,
including the hidden “digital trail” normally left behind when files
are deleted

The 16GB Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus will be available beginning
in September for a suggested retail price of US$99. Additionally, the
Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus USB flash drive is available in 1GB,
2GB, 4GB, and 8GB capacities.

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