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Genius introduces touch control speaker

Genius ( has introduced a touch control
speaker for the home. The US$179 three-piece speaker system includes
a DRD 3D sound effect for greater acoustic range and beefy bass.

The SW-T2.1 1800 2.1 Touch Speaker system is a larger version of the
recently announced SP-T1200 and both speaker systems have a touch
panel screen to control function, volume, bass or treble all with the
touch of a finger. It has an embedded equalizer so users can choose
between flat/rock/pop/classical or jazz music.

Users who prefer to listen to their music via headphones can plug
into the line-in jack or headphone jack. The three piece speaker
system includes a six-inch subwoofer to help boost the speaker’s
ability to play loud music without distortion. The SW-T2.1 1800 comes
in black-onyx for a contemporary look and feel and is works with
computers, MP3 players and LCD-TVs.

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