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CommuniGate Systems launches Mobile Unified Communications for

CommuniGate Systems has a new product that lets you transform the
iPhone 3G into a mega ARPU machine for broadband and mobile network
operators . Network Operators looking for solutions that attract the
lucrative business subscribers will be pleased to learn about the
simple yet powerful technology that enables Unified Communications
(UC) to be rapidly deployed without requiring equipment on the

CommuniGate Systems’ Mobility Suite delivers native AirSync with full
Over the Air push e-mail, calendar and contact information with
advanced security features. Business Subscribers can always stay in
contact with the office no matter where they are. AirSync can simply
be snapped on by the admin without the need to install any software
on the iPhone. Network Operators can leverage the CommuniGate Pro UC
platform for a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the Small
to Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

There are two functions enabling the new iPhone 3G to synchronize
localized data for a wide range of services: firstly, the third
generation of wireless communication UMTS (3GSM) and secondly, the
built in standard of data synchronization called AirSync. Business
clients are now able to receive e-mails, contact and calendar updates
onto their iPhone over the air via CommuniGate Pro’s platform.
Further, users can access this same information simultaneously,
regardless if they are running on a Mac, a PC or on Linux with the
CommuniGate Pronto! Flash based UC client.

“The iPhone has changed the mobile paradigm in a short amount of time
form being a “phone” to becoming a “mobile internet device”. We saw
the demands from business subscribers seeking out faster access
speeds to broadband services, especially in Europe where 3G is well
entrenched. We also saw that the support of Business Class Messaging
was something to be desired in the first generation iPhone. Now,
Apple has delivered a solid platform that Network Operators can
leverage for new business subscriber revenue potential. Providers are
now able to offer a complete SaaS Unified Communications service,
bridging the iPhones to the desktop experience.” Said Jon R. Doyle,
Vice President Business Development at CommuniGate Systems.

“The one feature that all business subscribers demand is mobile
connectivity to Unified Communications. The mobile device is to
become an extension of the desktop with access to all business
related information services anytime and anywhere. Empowering
“over-the-air” synchronization is sine-qua-non for operators who want
to win in the SaaS business” says Ronald Gruia, Principal Telecom
Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“SMEs are starting to become aware of the productivity wins that UC
can bring, like the ability to get ‘stuff’ done faster, get people
more engaged in real business scenario’s and add genuine customer
experience value. That’s what people want to do for their customers.
So far they are struggling with premise based installations of UC
due to complex technology and resources, SaaS will be the way to go”
said Dr Simon Edwards, Project Director, BT.

CommuniGate Pro is based upon a Multi-Tenant and a Dynamic Clustering
architecture providing a high density solution with live change
management features for SaaS providers. CommuniGate Pro makes it easy
for service providers to offer business class services with costs
that decline as virtualized client volume increases. CommuniGate
Pro’s Mobility Suite with AirSync offers push services as well as a
secure synchronization between PIM (Personal Information Management)
data, a mobile device and the CommuniGate Pro Unified Communications
platform. Access to the mobility features can be established via
mobile operator networks including 3G and EDGE, and of course at the
office or home on WiFi networks.

CommuniGate Pro’s Mobility Suite works compatible with all Windows
Mobile based and ActiveSync capable devices including Apple’s iPhone
3G, Symbian OS capable mobile phones, DataViz devices that uses
RoadSync, Sony Ericsson P900, M600 and W950, Nokia E series, Motorola
devices that use MOTOSYNC, Palm 700 smart phone series, Treo 680,
Treo 650, LifeDrive and Helio Ocean.
CommuniGate Systems’s flash based Web 2.0 client Pronto! including
mobility with AirSync can be trialed for free at

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