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SMTPit Pro 4.1.1


Fort Worth, TX, August 4, 2008 — Comm-Unity Networking Systems releases an
update to it’s popular SMTPit Pro plug-in. SMTPit Pro supercharges FileMaker
Pro databases with the power of sending customized emails. Version 4.1 works
on the client side as well as the server side with Scheduled Scripts and the
Web Publishing Engine (including Instant Web Publishing). This update fixes
several bugs ranging from crashing bugs to speed issues to properly loading
under FileMaker Server on Mac OS X 10.4. SMTPit Pro is available
immediately at for both Mac OS X and Windows.


SMTPit Pro is an email plug-in for FileMaker Pro 7 and greater, built
from the ground up, taking advantage of years of plug-in development
knowledge and the latest FileMaker plug-in API. SMTPit Pro provides a vast
array of email options. You can send simple text based messages or you can
send complex HTML messages. You can send a single message or an entire mail
out. Its functionality is flexible enough to cover many email tasks. The new
Server Edition of SMTPit Pro allows you to install and use the plug-in with
FileMaker Server and Server Advanced. With the Server Edition, you can now
do things like set up schedules to check an email database for new emails
that need to be sent out or send email directly from an Instant Web
Published database. Download a copy today to explore the many features of
this plug-in.

What’s New

– Fixed an infinite loop bug in StyledTextToHTML.
– Fixed an issue where the Status Window wasn’t updating correctly.
– Fixed several speed issues; it sends much faster now.
– Fixed a bug on Windows with SMTPit_Register(“Dialog”) that was causing a
– Fixed an issue on Mac with the plug-in not loading/working with FileMaker
Server on 10.4.
– Fixed an issue with the Transcript not working.

Pricing and Availability

SMTPit Pro is available immediately at for
both Mac OS X and Windows. You can download a full-working Demo copy of the
plug-in to test it out before purchasing.

This version is a free upgrade for anyone with a 4.0 license, however, a new
license key will be required. Please see the ReadMe file included in the
download for more information.

A 1-User License for the client version of SMTPit Pro is $65. To use the
Server Edition of SMTPit Pro, you will need to purchase at least a 10-User
License. A 10-User License is $319. There are several other price points on
the purchase page for the plug-in.

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