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PandaWare Simple Help Editor 3.0 Released

PandaWare Simple Help Editor 3.0 Released Cross-platform Help Authoring
Application Receives Major Upgrade

The PandaWare Company has released a major upgrade to its cross-platform
help authoring application, Simple Help Editor. Version 3.0 adds the
ability to add custom HTML to help content pages, allowing virtually
unlimited flexibility in formatting and styling. A number of other changes
make Simple Help Editor more flexible and easier to use. It gives software
developers and help authors more tools for creating platform-specific help
systems from the same content. Simple Help Editor 3.0 can save files for
display in Apple Help Viewer, Windows’ HTML Help viewer, and Web browsers.
The new version is available for download from the The PandaWare Company’s
Web site. Unregistered copies work in demo mode for up to 30 days.

SEATTLE, Washington (July 30, 2008) The PandaWare Company announces a major
upgrade to its cross-platform help authoring application, Simple Help
Editor. Simple Help Editor 3.0 offers software application developers and
help authors nearly unlimited flexibilitly for creating help content on
mulitple platforms.

In addition to text styling that Simple Help Editor has always supported,
authors can now add custom HTML to display text in lists, tables, text
boxes, or any other format that HTML supports. Other improvements include
more options for displaying graphics in content, better error checking, and
improvements in ease-of-use.

Simple Help Editor 3.0 can save HTML files for display in Apple Help Viewer
or in a Web browser. It can also prepare the files necessary for
compilation into a CHM file to display the content in Windows’ HTML Help.
In addition, it can save content as RTF, to facilitate leveraging it in
other media.

Simple Help Editor boasts a number of productivity features:

– Settings files store different combinations of preferences for output,
making it easy to use the same content in different formats for different

– Quick Styles let users apply text styles consistently throughout the help
content, and change style sets with the click of a mouse

– A Glossary feature allows instant entry of stored text fragments, with or
without styling — glossary sets can be saved and changed effortlessly

– A Placeholders feature allows adding variable text to output when files
are saved to HTML

– Simple Help Editor 3.0, allows links between pages and to Internet URLs
such as Web sites and e-mail addresses, and offers improved support for
HTML image tags

Simple Help Editor is available in versions that run in Mac OS X 10.3 or
higher, and Windows 2000 or higher. The Macintosh version is a Universal
Binary application.

More information on PandaWare Simple Help Editor 3.0 is available on The
PandaWare Company Web site: ( A 30-day
trial version is available for free download.

FREE TRIAL — $50 SINGLE-USER LICENSE — $25.00 UPGRADE Simple Help Editor
3.0 is available as a free download, and operates in demo mode until
licensed. The demo version operates for 30 days and allows saving up to 15
pages in a Help book. Single-user licenses that allow unlimited use are
only $50.00. A license covers one user on either a Macintosh or Windows PC.
Registered users of earlier versions of Simple Help Editor can upgrade for

The PandaWare Company has been producing Macintosh software since 1991. The
company is best known for its TimeCache time and expense tracking software
for individuals and companies who bill clients for project work. The
company also sells DiskWrangler, a keyboard-centric file launching and
browsing application for Mac OS X.

Additional product and purchase information is available at The PandaWare
Company’s web site: (, or by contacting The
PandaWare Company from the Support page on its Web site:

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