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iwascoding releases GaragePay 1.1

iwascoding releases GaragePay 1.1

Berlin, Germany, July 30th, 2008 – Mac software developer iwascoding
releases GaragePay 1.1. The update expands GaragePay’s usefulness with the
ability to display and export shopping cart item information, now
fully-configurable csv export, user notes and Address Book export.

“We listen carefully to our customers.” said Ilja Iwas, iwascodings
co-founder. “Shopping cart item support and user notes were the two most
requested features, so adding them was really a no-brainer and will make
quite a few people very happy.”

PayPal puts quite some useful information into the transactions’ cart
items, which GaragePay 1.1 fetches from PayPal along with the transaction
and displays all of them.

CSV export is highly configurable now, it even supports tab and semicolon
as a field divider for third party applications that need it.

Every transaction now has a notes field, were the user can put whatever
text she needs or wants.

The payer name and address information can be put into Mac OS’ Address Book
with no effort. Every piece of information will be put into the correct
field of the newly generated contact.


GaragePay is available now for USD/EURO 24.99 for a single user license
through Kagi.

GaragePay 1.1 is a free update for all GaragePay user.


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