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Flash on Tap coming in October

Flash on Tap is a newly announced conference created for Flash
designers and developers by Flash designers and developers “where
attendees can experience the excitement of a beer festival while
soaking in new ideas, knowledge, information and inspiration.”

Flash on Tap takes place in Boston Oct. 7-9, 2008 at The Castle. This
conference has been created by the teams from Infrared5, Influxis and
Red5Server. Flash on Tap will also offer four pre-conference
workshops for those attendees who wish to take a deep dive into
specific Flash topics. The all-day workshops begin at 9 a.m. on
Tuesday Oct. 7, and end the same day at 50 p.m. before the conference
kicks off with the opening night reception. The four workshops are:
Papervision3D, led by John Grden and Andy Zupko; AS3 for Designers,
taught by Rich Shupe; Red5, presented by Dominick Accattato and Paul
Gregoire; and Animation for Flash, taught by Chris Georgenes.
A limited number of conference passes for Flash on Tap are available
for early adopters offering a first-come, first-served price of
US$495 for the first 100 tickets sold. After the first tickets sell
out, pricing will shift to an Early Bird rate of $595 until Sept. 8,
after which time the pricing shifts to $695.

Information and registration can be found here:

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