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Absoft improves Fortran debugging on Mac OS with Fx3 and Xcode

Absoft Corporation today announced a significant advancement in the
ability to debug Fortran programs on Mac OS / Intel systems. This
improved capability utilizes the combination of Apple’s newly
released Xcode 3.1 and Absoft’s Fx3 debugger. Both Xcode 3.1 and the
Fx3 debugger are available now.

Absoft states this improved functionality is the combined result of
the updated development tools included with Apple’s new Xcode 3.1 and
the advanced debugging capabilities of Absoft’s latest Fx3 graphical,
multi-language debugger. Using the new Xcode 3.1 with Fx3, customers
will now be able to display and modify the values of program
variables located in COMMON blocks, allocated in static storage, or
declared inside Fortran 90 modules. These capabilities are available
when debugging either 32 or 64 bit executables on Mac OS X,
Intel-based systems.

“The Fx3 debugger supports both Fortran and C/C++ development
languages and runs on a wide variety of operating systems. However,
not all operating systems support all of Fx3’s capabilities,” said
Wood Lotz, president of Absoft Corporation. “We have been working
with Apple to expand the functionality of Fx3 on Mac OS and are very
pleased that Xcode 3.1 provides additional debugging capabilities to
the development community. Fx3 efficiently utilizes this additional
information and the combination of Fx3 and Apple’s Xcode 3.1/Leopard
provides the best Fortran debugging solution available from any
vendor for Mac OS / Intel,” continued Lotz.

Xcode 3.1 runs with Leopard and is available free to registered
developers from Apple’s website. The Fx3 debugger is included as a
standard component of Absoft’s Pro Fortran v10.1 compiler suite and
existing Pro Fortran v10.1 customers can use their current Fx3 as
long as they have installed the 10.1.2 service pack. Customers who
have not installed the service pack can obtain it free of charge

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