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SMTPit Pro 4.1.0


Phoenix , AZ, July 14, 2008 — From the FileMaker Developer Conference,
Comm-Unity Networking Systems releases an update to it’s popular SMTPit Pro
plug-in. The biggest feature in this new version is the addition of
Server-side support. The new Server Edition of SMTPit Pro can be installed
on FileMaker Server and used with Scheduled Scripts and the Web Publishing
Engine (including Instant Web Publishing). The new version also adds a few
new features and functions and many bug fixes. SMTPit Pro is available
immediately at for both Mac OS X and Windows.


SMTPit Pro is an email plug-in for FileMaker Pro 7 and greater, built from
the ground up, taking advantage of years of plug-in development knowledge
and the latest FileMaker plug-in API. SMTPit Pro provides a vast array of
email options. You can send simple text based messages or you can send
complex HTML messages. You can send a single message or an entire mail out.
Its functionality is flexible enough to cover many email tasks. The new
Server Edition of SMTPit Pro allows you to install and use the plug-in with
FileMaker Server and Server Advanced. With the Server Edition, you can now
do things like set up schedules to check an email database for new emails
that need to be sent out or send email directly from an Instant Web
Published database. Download a copy today to explore the many features of
this plug-in.

What’s New

– Fixed issues dealing with Files and Folders that contained forward and
backward slashes.
– Fixed issues on Mac where the plug-in couldn’t deal with files on mounted
volumes in certain circumstances.
– Fixed issues with the Merge functionality where random text was being
– Added UNC support back into the windows plug-in.
– Reintegrated the OS X 10.3.9 version of the plug-in into the main
– Fixed issues with the plug-in loading under Runtimes on Windows.
– Fixed issues with loading the Preferences on Mac.
– Fixed issues with the StyledTextToHTML function under FMP 9.0+
– Fixed issues with reading Unicode files.
– Updated the Email Validation routines to accept longer top level domains
like .travel.
– Fixed crashing issues with using the old style “SMTP-ClearAll” function.
– Fixed a bug where the SendWithDialog function wasn’t returning errors.
– Fixed a bug where the SetHost function wasn’t letting you clear it by
sending it “”.
– Added support to StyledTextToHTML for working with variables instead of
just field names.
– Imported all common code from other plug-ins to bring the plug-in
completely up to date with all the latest code.
– Added IsConnected function
– Added support for “BeforeConnect” TLS/SSL (connecting to an alternate
port where TLS/SSL is negotiated from the very beginning).
– Added FileMaker Server support in a brand new edition of the plug-in
named “SMTPit Pro SE”. See separate Server Edition download for more

Pricing and Availability

SMTPit Pro is available immediately at for
both Mac OS X and Windows. This version is a free upgrade for existing
license holders, however, a new license key will be required. Please see
the ReadMe file included in the download for more information.

A 1-User License for the client version of SMTPit Pro is $65. To use the
Server Edition of SMTPit Pro, you will need to purchase at least a 10-User
License. A 10-User License is $319. There are several other price points
on the purchase page for the plug-in.

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