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ProjectWizards Announces Release of Merlin 2.6

ProjectWizards Announces Release of Merlin 2.6

ProjectWizards’ Merlin 2.6 leads the way in Web-based cross-platform
project management

Melle, Germany, July 8, 2008: Project management consultants ProjectWizards
are pleased to announce the official release of Merlin 2.6, featuring an
innovative Web module add-on to facilitate cross- platform collaboration
over the Internet.

“With the introduction of the Web module, users can collaborate on projects
from anywhere using a Web browser on any platform, quickly and easily,”
says ProjectWizards’ CEO Frank Blome. Efficiency and rapid information
dissemination are increased as projects are viewed by peers, colleagues,
clients, and stakeholders. Files can also be saved in static HTML format to
be published to Web servers.

“Merlin 2.6 takes project management to the Web,” says Blome. “Now project
managers using Merlin can collaborate over the Web, regardless of whether
they are using Macintosh, Linux, or MS Windows OS.”

In addition to the Web interface functionality, Merlin 2.6 includes
enhancements to increase stability, ease of use, and overall performance.
For more information or to download the demo version of Merlin 2.6, please

About ProjectWizards: ProjectWizards combines its extensive consulting
experience and Macintosh development expertise to create Merlin, project
management software designed exclusively for the Macintosh operating
system. For more information, visit our website:

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