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ShareTool 1.2: Remotely Access all Bonjour services

Access all Bonjour services on your home network remotely.

YUBA CITY, CA (June 30th, 2008) )) Bains Software today announced the
release of ShareTool 1.2, an update to its unique remote access
solution for Mac OS X.

ShareTool lets users access all of the Bonjour services on their home
network from anywhere in the world. This includes iTunes Music
Sharing, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, and more. With ShareTool, users
can listen to their entire iTunes music library at work, control the
screen of any of their home computers, or grab that important file
they forgot to bring with them.

This version adds automatic compression of network traffic, a much
improved interface, and several bug fixes.


Simple Setup: ShareTool automatically configures routers supporting

Easy Access: Remote services automatically appear in Finder, iTunes,
and other applications.

Compatibility: ShareTool enables remote access for almost any
application or service that advertises itself using Bonjour and runs
over TCP/IP.

Security: All network traffic is strongly encrypted. Access to your
services requires your Mac OS X username and password.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Purchasing ShareTool:
ShareTool is $20 shareware and will only allow users to access their
services remotely for fifteen minutes at a time in trial mode. Users
can purchase a license by visiting the Bains Software website.


Direct Download:


About Bains Software
Founded in 1998 by Navdeep Bains, Bains Software is a small Macintosh
software company committed to delivering quality software at
reasonable prices. We’re located in sunny Northern California, about
an hour’s drive from Sacramento.

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