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Latest Bomgar Software Helps Companies Virtualize IT Staff

Latest Bomgar Software Helps Companies Virtualize IT Staff

New features virtualize IT resource management for global support

RIDGELAND, Miss. — June 24, 2008 — Bomgar Corporation, the only provider
of appliance-based remote support software, today announced the release of
Bomgar 10.1. The newest version of this industry leading product includes
features designed to help organizations easily virtualize the people
involved in IT support, enabling them to be more efficient and effective.
Help desk virtualization allows support staff to remotely control and
troubleshoot end user devices quickly and accurately, anywhere in the world.

Advancements in mobile technology have made telecommuting a viable option
for most enterprise employees elevating such workplace flexibility as a key
to recruiting quality employees. Recent changes in the global economy
including rising gas prices, and the mounting costs associated with travel,
are further reinforcing the attractiveness of telecommuting. For IT
managers this workplace trend requires a centralized support platform that
allows staff to manage issues anywhere employees or offices reside.
Additionally, IT managers want to extend this new flexibility not only to
enterprise employees but also to the help desk staff.

“Enterprises are already deploying virtualization in their server
environments to reduce costs. Since employing IT staff is often more
expensive than buying servers, it only makes sense to invest in
technologies that increase the effectiveness of these highly skilled
employees,” said Joel Bomgar, CEO and founder, Bomgar Corporation. “With
the release of 10.1, we are giving enterprises the tools they need to
effectively virtualize IT staff. The result is higher productivity, lower
costs to the customer, and happier employees.”

The new version of Bomgar’s remote support platform helps enterprises
maintain a delicate balance of keeping both users and help desk staff
productive and content. With Bomgar’s support platform, IT organizations no
longer have to travel onsite for routine maintenance or computing issues.
Bomgar 10.1 allows IT to “virtualize” staff resources so that a
representative can instantly and remotely resolve users’ technical issues
regardless of operating system or geographic location. Additionally, it
allows the help desk staff to “break the chains” that tie them to the
office by enabling them to provide effective troubleshooting and routine
maintenance from home or on the road.

Key features include:

– Software Development Kit (SDK) for Faster Deployment of Virtualized
Support: With Bomgar 10.1, the company is introducing a SDK that enables
easy integration of Bomgar’s remote support software with existing help
desk solutions. It includes instructions, methods and pre-configured pieces
of code for creating customizable applications that leverage Bomgar’s
software for back end solutions, such as trouble ticket systems or
knowledge base software. The SDK allows Bomgar’s customers to cut down time
spent integrating Bomgar with other systems by nearly 75 percent, enabling
them to be up and running with a complete support application in days
versus weeks.

– Macintosh Client for Support Reps to Provide the Greater Flexibility:
Bomgar 10.1 includes capabilities that allow support reps to provide
assistance from a Macintosh platform. The addition of this feature expands
Bomgar’s IT rep platform support to all major computing operating systems.

– Administrative Dashboard to Manage Resources and Speed Time to
Resolution: Bomgar has added an administrative dashboard to its 10.1
product that provides IT directors with visibility into the entire support
organization, regardless of where the IT support reps are logged in from.
The dashboard gives IT managers a direct view into what each rep is working
on as well as what his or her workload looks like. The manager can move
sessions from one representative to another to evenly distribute the call
load. This helps the reps provide faster, more customized support to each
end user.

“IT organizations are in a difficult position. Calls for them to do ‘more
with less’ have become louder as fears of an economic slowdown or a
recession have grown louder,” said Matt Healey, research manager, software
and hardware support services program, IDC. “In this environment, it is
important for IT departments to invest in tools that can improve the
productivity of the support staff. I believe that the new generation of
‘clientless’ remote support tools can provide the productivity improvements
that IT departments are looking for by reducing on-site visits and reducing
the time required to support end users.”

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