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Greetings from the Online Training Library® at!
We are pleased to announce: 2.5 Essential Training
Duration: 4.25 hours
CD-ROM coming soon! 2.5 Essential Training
Maria Langer

There are many reasons to have a blog: to inform customers about new
products and specials, to share information and expertise with a worldwide
community, or to express oneself and communicate publicly. is
a free and flexible set of web-based blogging tools that can be used to
launch a new blog in minutes. The tools can then be used to personalize the
blog and update and improve it continually. In 2.5 Essential
Training , Maria Langer walks through the entire process of building and
maintaining a blog, from setting up an account to using advanced
customization techniques. She explains how to create and organize posts,
pages, and links, and also offers tips on how to become a better blogger.
Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

* Understanding the Dashboard interface
* Setting basic options and choosing a theme
* Composing posts and pages
* Including and managing images, videos, audio, and other media
* Working with categories and tags
* Building link lists
* Working with comments and dealing with spam
* Managing user accounts
* Customizing themes with widgets
* Promoting a blog

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