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SecuriKey v3.0 Cross Platform – Vista – XP – MacOS

GT Security Debuts SecuriKey version 3.0, Featuring Cross Platform Data
Security for Windows Vista, XP & Mac OS X

Award Winning Security Technology Provides Cross Platform

Security for Managed Groups and Individual Macs & PCs

LAWRENCE, KS (June 11th, 2008) — GT Security, the leader in cross platform
data security, announces the launch of SecuriKey v3.0, providing full
support for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Tiger.
Designed to keep mobile data safe, SecuriKey 3.0 controls access and
protects data through a layering of strong authentication via the SecuriKey
USB Token together with a variety of AES-based data encryption options.
SecuriKey 3.0 also includes elegant, robust management software to easily
manage protected data access in a cross platform environment.

“For many organizations today, computing has moved beyond a Windows XP-only
environment. Groups large and small now have a mix of Windows & Mac, Vista
& XP, Leopard & Tiger. Whether you have an office of one or thousands,
SecuriKey v3.0 brings a complete data security solution with cross platform
administrative control and a simple ‘it just works’ design,” said Bennett
Griffin, Founder of GT Security.

The product works essentially as an “ignition key” for a Mac or Windows
computer — simply insert the token in any available USB slot, enter the
correct password, and access to the computer is granted. Simply removing
the token automatically locks the computer with SecuriKey’s powerful
Continuous Protection.

SecuriKey v3.0 is available in two editions: SecuriKey Pro is designed for
individuals and their personal laptops/computers. SecuriKey Multi-User is
designed for group deployments, providing cross platform administrative
control. Both SecuriKey editions support Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X
Tiger, as well as Windows Vista and Windows XP.

These latest cross platform editions of SecuriKey Pro and SecuriKey
Multi-User are currently shipping worldwide. To purchase any of the
SecuriKey products, call SecuriKey at 1-800-986-6578 or visit

About GT Security:

GT Security is the leading provider of information security solutions for
cross-platform user authentication and data protection. The award-winning
SecuriKey line of computer security solutions provides secure 2-factor
authentication and data protection to businesses and organizations for
local, network, and mobile access control. For more information, visit the
SecuriKey Web site at (

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