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Advanced Web Ranking 6.2

Manage Your Search Engine Rankings Inteligently

Caphyon Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of Advanced Web Ranking 6.2,
a tool that helps check your web site position on all major search engines.
Advanced Web Ranking runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Checking your web site position is a very time consuming task. It may take
you days to complete it by manually searching in the search engines. That’s
where Advanced Web Ranking comes to help. Advanced Web Ranking is able to
query over 800 search engines and quickly find out if you’re moving up or down
in the rankings, or if your site is listed at all. It will track the progress
of your rankings over time and display that information in an easy to read and
understand graphical and tabular reports. It can help you check not just the
position of your website but the position of your competitors’ web sites as

Advanced Web Ranking has the ability to generate and email reports after an
update was finished. Couple that with the Scheduled Updates ability, and you
will be able to turn on your computer in the morning and find reports on your
websites ranks waiting for you in your Inbox. As a SEO, you can have updates
being run and sent to your customers every night without even lifting a hand.
Various types of reports (Current Rank, Top Sites, Web Site, etc.) can be
created in any of the formats Advanced Web Ranking supports (PDF, HTML, Excel,
XML or Text). Then they can be emailed to any of the addresses you pick from
the Address Book, or saved to a folder where you can access them over the

What’s new in Advanced Web Ranking 6.2

This version features new charts for the Visibility report, the ability to
associate projects with a user account and the ability to define external
browsers for opening reports.

– Added charts to the Visibility printable report
– Added ability to associate projects with a user account
– Added ability to compare to first update, compare to n days ago and compare
to start of week/month/year
– Added ability to define external browsers for opening reports or URLs
within the application
– Added ability to quicly export the last day an update was made
– Added Ask to the list of localized search engines
– Improved speed for the Top Sites import
– Improved update speed when the project contains many URLs

Advanced Web Ranking costs USD $99 for the Standard edition. Users who need
certain advanced features like printable reports or the submitter can purchase
the Professional edition for USD $199. Advanced users who need customizable
filters, triggers, user profiles and project manager can purchase the
Enterprise edition for USD $399.

The application can be downloaded from:

More details about the application can be found at:

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