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TranslateIt! 9.4 Multilingual Dictionary

A new version of popular multilingual dictionary for Mac OS X –
TranslateIt! 9.4 for Mac is released.

TranslateIt! for Mac – is the multilingual dictionary that allows looking
up words on the fly! Just hover the
pointer over an unfamiliar word (in any Cocoa Application), and you will
see its translation in a pop-up
window. Instantly. With TranslateIt! you will stop wasting your time and
get even more productive.

Main features:
– Translate words in any applications by just moving the pointer over them
– Lots of free dictionaries for a great number of languages (support DSL-,
StarDict-, XDXF-dictionaries)
– Translation Methods: translation from clipboard, drag-and-drop
translation, manual input of queries in the
main window, double-click translation of words in dictionary entries
displayed in the main window
– Morphology support
– Built-in DictBuilder utility for easy creation of custom dictionaries
– Multilingual user interface

In new version:
– Now, the changes are listed as Site’s human readable RSS in English,
Russian, German and French
– Some memory leaks fixed
– DictBuilder updated
– Widget updated for encoded dictionaries support
– Encoded dictionaries support added to TI
– DCT dictionaries support (comes from Windows TI), now all dictionaries
from the Windows version of TI work with Mac TI!
– Status line flicking/flashing issue fixed
– UTF-16 Zero-byte bug fixed in zh_CN localization
– German localization updated again
– Some minor bugs fixed

TranslateIt! for Mac is distributed as shareware, user can use shareware
version for free during a 20 day
trial period.

Product page:
Direct download link TranslateIt! 9.4 for Mac:!
(21,24 Mb)
Company web-site:

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