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MacForensicsLab Examiner Certification Training is offering MacForensicsLab Examiner Certification Training

This course provides examiners with the knowledge and skills necessary to
install, configure, and effectively use MacForensicsLab forensics
technologies to locate and examine deleted files, free space, and digital

This intermediate level, hands-on intensive course is intended for Forensic
Investigators, Law Enforcement Personnel, and Security and Network
Administrators. The course is open to both law enforcement agencies and
private sectors.

This is a 4 day certification course. All students that pass the final exam
will receive the MacForensicsLab Examiner Certification.

Next class scheduled:

May 19th – 22th, 2008
9:00AM to 4:00PM

Courtyard Newark Silicon Valley
34905 Newark Blvd.
Newark, CA 94560


Space is limited. To register, please email (
or call (510) 870-7883

For more information on the content covered in this certification, please
visit the MacForensicsLab website:


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