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Remote Buddy 1.10 streams to iPhone and iPod

Remote Buddy 1.10 streams to iPhone and iPod Touch, features improved
AirTunes support and more


IOSPIRIT GmbH is excited to announce the release of version 1.10 of Remote
Buddy today.


* Streaming of iTunes media via WLAN to iPhone and iPod Touch

The AJAX Remote integrated into Remote Buddy now supports the streaming of
all files organized in iTunes, so that they can be played back directly on
the iPhone or iPod Touch. Especially useful: complete playlists and albums
can be played back automatically. As the media files remain on the Mac and
are only streamed to the iPhone or iPod Touch, users no longer have to
choose a 4/8/16/32 GB sized slice of their collection but rather can access
their complete collection via their mobile device.

* Extended AirTunes- and output speaker support

While Remote Buddy users could already previously select the AirTunes
speaker that iTunes should send audio to, it is now also possible to select
more than one AirTunes speaker. The computer’s audio output to be used can
now also be selected via the AJAX Remote and in Remote Buddy’s onscreen

* Support for controlling additional applications

The new version brings support for also controlling the new Adobe Media
Player, Adobe Bridge (CS2 und CS3), the Toast Video Player and the media
center software XBMC.

* Improved Bluetooth support

The administration of Bluetooth devices used with Remote Buddy has been
modernized and Sony BD Remote users benefit of new possibilities to save
precious battery power.

A video showing the AJAX Remote in action as well as an extensive
collection of screenshots are immediately available at Remote Buddy’s
product page at

A complete and detailed list of changes is available at


Remote Buddy gives its users full control over their Mac via their remote
control. With more than 100 directly supported applications and system
functions, real virtual mouse and keyboard, built-in presentation tools,
extensive configuration abilities as well as broad hardware support (incl.
Apple Remote, iPhone, iPod Touch and Wii Remote), Remote Buddy is targeting
a broad and diverse audience.

Find more information on Remote Buddy and a compact overview with demo
videos and many screenshots at the Remote Buddy website at:


Remote Buddy 1.10 is immediately available for Mac OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”) and
higher as a Universal Binary and fully compatible with Leopard. The full
version is available for only 19.99 Euro (currently approximately 31 US
dollars). The prices are final prices and already include 19% VAT for
customers inside the EU. On the hardware side, a Mac with keyboard or a
remote control supported by Remote Buddy is mandatory. A list of supported
hardware is available at

Remote Buddy does not include any of the controlled applications. They have
to be purchased and/or installed seperately. A trial version can be
downloaded at

There are no functional limitations during the 30 day trial period. Remote
Buddy is localized in Dutch, English and German.


The IOSPIRIT GmbH has been founded in 2004 by Felix Schwarz with the aim of
developing high-quality software for the Mac – low-priced, so everybody can
enjoy it.

A special focus during development lies on the latest technologies in Mac
OS X, their innovative use, own innovations and industry novelties – far
away from outworn paths.

At the same time the IOSPIRIT GmbH is its own distributor. The platform
used therefore is an internal development – tailored to the needs of the
market – and therefore allows efficient and fast processing of incoming
orders and queries.

The IOSPIRIT GmbH is based in Nuremberg, Germany.

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