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Port Map 1.0: Open source port mapping application and framework

Port Map Released – Open source port mapping application and framework

April 15, 2008 — TheCodingMonkeys are proud to announce the release of
Port Map 1.0.

Port Map is an open source application that let’s users forward ports to
their computers in a home network behind a NAT router. This makes it easy
to access your Web Sharing on your Mac at home from anywhere in the world.
It can also be used to enabled logging in to your machine via ssh or
showing off your Ruby on Rails development project.

Port Map originated as demo application for TCMPortMapper, a MIT licensed
open source framework that allows Cocoa developers to implement automatic
port mapping using NAT-PMP and UPNP for their applications with just a
handful lines of code.

See for details.

TheCodingMonkeys is a Macintosh software company based in Munich, Germany.
It is determined to produce software that stands-up to the Macintosh
ease-of-use while solving complex problems. TheCodingMonkeys revolutionized
real-time text collaboration with the release of SubEthaEdit 1.0.

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