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Web2 Delight 1.0

Global Delight Releases Web2 Delight 1.0

Locate, download and enjoy content from popular video and photo sharing sites!

NEW UDUPI, India, March 31, 2008 – Global Delight today introduced Web2
Delight 1.0, a video/photo downloader, organizer and viewer for Mac OS.
With the rising popularity of video and photo sharing sites, users are
increasingly moving towards sharing user-generated videos and photos
online. Accessing such content from multiple sites is becoming increasingly
cumbersome and Web2 Delight is the first product that acts as a portal for
multiple sites. It marries the power and possibilities of Web 2.0 to the
simplicity and versatility of the Mac.

Web2 Delight cocoons popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Veoh, BlipTV
and photo sharing sites like Flickr, Picasa, Webshots and Photobucket, in a
single location, reducing the effort required in opening multiple browser
tabs. It automatically converts any video or photo downloaded, to play on
Mac, iPod, iPhone, or even on Apple TV.

“Web2 Delight for Mac is fast, easy to use and features an elegant user
interface” said Rohith Bhat, CEO of Global Delight. “And best of all, Web2
Delight supports some of the most popular video and photo sharing sites and
delivers an interesting Web 2.0 experience right from within a desktop
application. While one may find many products that can download
videos/photos from such sites, the real value of Web2 Delight is in its
ability to package iPod/ iPhone/ AppleTV synching, full screen playback and
navigation in neat workflows”

Web2 Delight unveiled its first Public Beta at Macworld 2008, San Francisco
where it received great adulation. Web2Delight has been tagged as “Google
of video and photo sharing sites” and “iTunes for Web”. During the beta
period, the team worked on enhancing the user experience by optimizing
CoverFlow view, improving the search results, sorting the downloads,
slideshow enhancement and ameliorating the product’s overall stability.

Pricing and Availability:

Web2 Delight is available immediately as a download at
for Mac users. Web2 Delight can be evaluated for a 30-day free trial, with
no feature lock for the first fourteen days, after which it can simply be
purchased for US $19.95 from

Web2 Delight requires Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later, and is designed to
run on any Intel-based or PowerPC G4/G5 based Mac running above 1.25 GHz
and iPhoto v6.0.6, iTunes v7.2 and QuickTime v7.2

About Global Delight:

Global Delight is a perfect blend of Mac aficionados, tech geeks, and
right-brained technologies that aspire to create something exceptionally
extraordinary. At Global Delight, we understand users and their desire to
savor the experience of using their Macs for various Web 2.0 and media
related software. The idea is to re-think solutions to complicated problems
and imagine simple, elegant, engaging products that are delightful to the
eye and easy to use.

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