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MassTransit 5.1.1

MassTransit 5.1.1 Feature Highlights

Ease-of-use: Version 5.1.1 certifies the MassTransit Web Client on Apple’s
latest operating system – Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard – and ensures broad support
for Macintosh users and an easy installation / deployment experience for
Macintosh-based organizations.

Enhanced Performance : MassTransit is designed to handle very heavy loads,
including handling the transfer on a monthly basis of terabytes of data
representing hundreds of thousands of files for thousands of users. Version
5.1.1 increases the product’s ability to perform under heavy load by
increasing the performance of a number of underlying database operations;
by allowing users to more quickly search MassTransit’s web-based logs –
even with large numbers of entries – and by allowing administrators to more
quickly manage large Contacts databases through the MassTransit

Increased Security : S ecuring confidential data utilizing the best
available security technology is critical in today’s business environment.
Version 5.1.1 supports the latest Open SSL release (version 0.9.8)
upgrading the product’s secure sockets layer technology to the latest and
most secure version available and minimizing the risks and costs to
customers of transporting data on the Internet.

Enhanced Workflow Automation and Integration Capabilities: Version 5.1.1
extends support for automatically triggering Shell Scripts and a wide range
of external programs and scripts to Windows offering increased power and
flexibility to integrate and customize MassTransit-based file transfer
workflows. It also offers multiple options for ordering the delivery of
files allowing file transfer workflows to be optimized to support
customer’s need for timely delivery of files in their business processes –
particularly when tight deadlines and / or large transfer times are

Enhanced System Administration Tools: Version 5.1.1 offers valuable new
features for Error Reporting and Debugging that make it easier to trouble
shoot and resolve issues with MassTransit file transfer system, and,
consequently, reduce the costs associated with using and managing a
MassTransit-based file transfer workflow.

As the enterprise software solution proven to transform digital file
transfers into strategic business processes MassTransit increases
productivity and empowers users to manage all aspects of the file transfer
process by simplifying the exchange of digital files, ensuring
accountability and providing visibility into the entire process .

The release of MassTransit 5.1.1 demonstrates Group Logic’s continued
commitment and success in delivering solutions that offer the best options
for customers with enterprise file transfer needs.

Available immediately, Group Logic customers that currently own a license
for MassTransit version 5 and have an active Maintenance and Support
Contract can upgrade to version 5.1.1 for free.

Those customers that do not have an active Maintenance and Support contract
can gain the benefits of this latest release through a paid contract
renewal. Please contact us 800.476.8781 or +1.703.528.1555 or via email to
learn more about how to upgrade your version of MassTransit.


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