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deskUNPF for Mac: PDF Conversion

Docudesk Announces Launch of deskUNPF for Mac

Now, Powerful, Industry-Leading Technology for Converting PDFs to Many
Other Formats
Is Available for Apple Macintosh Users

Plano, TX (January 2008) – Docudesk, a worldwide leader of PDF software
solutions, is announcing the launch of deskUNPDF Professional for Mac.
deskUNPDF for Mac will provide users with innovative functionality and
conversion formats to address a wide array of PDF document conversion needs
on both Intel and PowerPC OS X systems.

“We are very pleased to introduce Macintosh users to the same great
features and accuracy found in our Windows version of deskUNPDF
Professional,” said Darren Matheny, CEO of Docudesk. “Like PC users before
them, Mac users will now find that deskUNPDF brings working with PDFs into
a whole new realm that will greatly help businesses and individuals convert
PDFs, all while providing the highest fidelity possible for the chosen
output format.”

deskUNPDF for Mac is the best solution for converting, transforming, and
automating PDF workflow. The application utilizes industry-leading
technology for converting PDF’s to multiple output formats for editing,
business-grade table-detection that enables extracting table information
into Microsoft Excel (.xls), and batch conversion, making deskUNPDF an
indispensible tool for working with PDF’s.

The output formats support conversion for document, web, image, and
data-based needs. Supported document-based formats include the Open
Document Format (.ODT) and Excel (.XLS). Supported data-based formats
include Comma Seperated Values (.CSV) and Extensibile Markup Language
(.XML). Supported web-based formats include Hyper Text Markup Language
(HTML), Extensible HyperText Markup Language (.xHTML), and Scalable Vector
Graphics (.SVG). Supported image-based formats include Bitmap (.BMP),
Portable Network Graphics (.PNG), Tagged Image File Format (.TIF or .TIFF)
and Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPEG). With enhanced Accu-Text
rendering technology, deskUNPDF Pro for Mac provides a faithful
reproduction regardless of the chosen output format.

When to Use deskUNPDF Professional for Mac:

* Converting PDF’s to Word for editing
* Migrating PDF’s to the Open Document standard
* Extracting numeric PDF table data into Microsoft Excel format
* Converting PDF’s for web-ready viewing in .HTML
* Performing batch PDF conversions
* Changing font type, size, or color
* Converting PDF content to data-friendly XML or CSV.

deskUNPDF Professional for Apple Macintosh is currently available for
$69.95. A free trial is also available at:

About Docudesk

Docudesk is a private and profitable company, focused on the high growth
electronic document market. Docudesk has over 200,000 enterprise and
consumer customers worldwide and excels through providing a high value
product with excellent customer service. As companies continue transition
to a paperless office, Docudesk will thrive by offering products which
enhance document security, presentation, collaboration and exchange.
Docudesk is headquartered in Plano, Texas. Information about Docudesk can
be found at

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