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Neon Tango to be released Feb. 5th, play at Macworld

Freeverse today announced that Neon Tango, an original game for the Mac will be released on February 5th. Attendees of Macworld Expo will be granted the first chance to to get their hands on the new game. For those interested in sampling this neon-flavored delicacy, a fully playable version of the game will be available all week at Freeverse’s booth (Booth #1243, South Hall) as well as at the Macworld Game Arena. “Neon Tango is a psychedelic arcade shooter with thrilling action, eye-popping visuals, and a spoonful of retro sprinkled on top. Conceived with a gorgeous minimalism, Neon Tango licks the shoot-em-up genre down to its chewy abstract center.” Neon Tango will be available for US$24.95.

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