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WiebeTech offers advanced features on RTX RAID controller

WiebeTech today announced that its RTX RAID units offer advanced features normally associated with RAIDs that start for double their price. The RTX-IR (iSCSI) RAID and the RTX-UR (UltraSCSI 320) RAID both start at US$2,559.95 and include a state-of-the-art RAID controller, super-fast bake times, a strong and portable aluminum enclosure and TrayFree trayless bays. All RTX-IR and RTX-UR units currently shipping feature the advanced RAID controller. The all-metal TrayFree “trayless” bay can handle 50,000+ drive insertions. This means sturdier bays to pop drives in quickly, almost like the old floppies. It takes only a few seconds to load a SATA drive, and an entire volume can be swapped in less than a minute. All-metal bays will begin shipping in late January.

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