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Fastforward releases Compost 1.8.9 trash management

Fastforward releases Compost 1.8.9, update to trash management software

SHEFFIELD, UK — January 3, 2007 — Fastforward Software today released
Compost 1.8.9, an update to the popular automatic trash management software
for Mac OS X. The update introduces a simplified UI for secure deletion and
fixes several bugs. It also resolves issues related to the contextual menu
on Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”.

The Compost 1.8.9 update is free to all registered users, and may be
downloaded here:


Compost 1.8.9 features the following improvements and changes: — Added to
the background app the ability to completely ignore a mounted disk. This is
a slight efficiency improvement over just overriding and disabling all the
limits, and works around an observed issue relating to a troublesome
interaction between Compost, volume duplication software and the OS.

— Added to the preference pane a checkbox to control the “ignore” flag
(above) for a volume.

— In TrashInfo, fixed a bug that would result in a crash when TrashInfo
next terminated if the user had disabled the display of the icon menu.

— Corrected some issues with the German localization.

— Simplified the UI for secure deletion.

— Added per-volume override of secure-delete setting. (Preference Pane and
background app)

— Items placed in the trash via DeskTrash can be restored via a new “Put
Away” command in the context menu.

— Added to TrashInfo the ability for the user to override the menu bar
icons by placing files named title_empty.png and title_full.png in a folder
named com.splook.TrashInfo inside ~/Library/Application Support or
/Library/Application Support.

— Fixed context menu for Leopard.

Compost solves Trash problems by letting users set a time limit on the
trash, cap its size, and maintain a minimum amount of space. Whether you’re
an individual Mac user, or a network administrator looking to help your
users better manage their free space, Compost can help you.

Compost costs $12.50, requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and is a Universal
Binary application. Compost is available in English, French, Italian,
Spanish and German.

Fastforward Software is a publisher of software and games for Mac OS X,
based in the UK. Fastforward has distributed a full range of products for
the Macintosh since 2006. Unregistered versions of Fastforward’s products
can be obtained from Fastforward’s website, (

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