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MacUpdate Promo Bundle adds even more apps

As announced earlier this week, MacUpdate is offering a Promo Bundle with at least 7 Best Selling applications for US$49.99 (a savings of $184.81). When the Mac community hit the 1,000 bundle sales mark last week, XMIND Pro 2008 ($299.95) was unlocked and added to the bundle for free, and then iStabilize, priced at $67, was added shortly thereafter. The final milestone was reached and PulpMotion, priced at $45, has been added. Now, as a special bonus, MacUpdate has added SRS iWow ($19.99) to the the bundle. “Everyone has iTunes, so everyone can use iWOW,” notes the site. “But it’s especially great for laptop owners. Those speakers are tiny and often lacking in bass. iWOW amps things up by adding more volume and bass to your laptop through iTunes.” There are now 11 applications available for $49.99 ($666.74 retail price).

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