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Swift 3D V5 for Mac


Next version of the essential 3D animation software for Adobe Flash exports
3D scenes to the Papervision3D format for real-time interactive 3D on the

BOULDER, Colo., December, 10 2007 – Electric Rain is opening new doors for
Adobe Flash designers with the release of Swift 3D v5.0 Macintosh and a
v5.0 Windows update enabling export to the increasingly popular
Papervision3D format. This new feature, alongside an already significant
list of upgrades, adds even more export flexibility to the industry leading
3D tool for Flash.

Papervision3D is an open source 3D engine for Flash that leverages
ActionScript 3.0 and the Flash 9 player to draw true 3D and allow for
real-time user interaction. Papervision3D utilizes the XML-based COLLADA
file format to define the geometry of the models, and that information is
rendered live via the Papervision3D engine within the Flash Player, making
that 3D content accessible to over 93% of all web viewers.

“Swift 3D has always been the tool interactive designers turn to with their
diverse needs,” said Mike Soucie, CEO of Electric Rain. “By supporting the
Papervision3D format we’re helping designers stretch their creative limits
even further and expand the ways in which 3D content can be deployed on the
Web. Real-time 3D rendering in Flash has always been the dream, and we?re
very excited to finally enable our users to begin working with this
cutting-edge Papervision3D technology.”

Electric Rain’s decision to support the Papervision3D format was based on
the recent explosion of interest in working with true 3D in Flash. This is
a capability interactive designers have been awaiting since the early days
of Flash, and now that that it is finally here Swift 3D is a great fit for
anyone wanting to author their own 3D content. With its designer-friendly
toolset and workflow, Swift 3D provides a great solution for non-3D
professionals to jump into this exciting new Papervision3D technology
without the need for extensive 3D or ActionScript 3.0 experience. Swift 3D
is also capable of converting existing models in the .3DS and .DXF file
format into Papervision3D projects.

“This is terrific news for the Papervision3D community,” commented John
Grden, from Papervision3D. “Swift 3D’s support for our technology will be a
huge boost for Flash designers who are currently overwhelmed with both the
cost and complexity of the higher-end 3D authoring tools. Swift 3D is the
perfect 3D tool for designers to use as they begin exploring
Papervision3D’s capabilities, and the fact that it’s so affordable is
another big plus.”

Swift 3D 5.0 for Windows and Macintosh is currently available from Electric
Rain for $249.00 USD Upgrades from previous versions start at $79.00. For
more information on Swift 3D 5.0 please visit:
( Additional information on
Papervision3D can be found at: (

About Electric Rain Electric Rain is a Boulder, Colorado-based software
company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use multimedia creation and
editing tools to business and design professionals. Electric Rain has
become the industry-leading developer of 3D Flash solutions, selling over
65,000 units of its flagship product Swift 3D software. Electric Rain’s
partners include Adobe, Macromedia, Alias (now Autodesk), and most recently
Microsoft, as a Technology Adoption Partner (TAP) for developing new
Windows Vista (.NET 3.0-based) applications. For more information, visit:

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