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Centeris now Likewise Software; Announces Likewise Enterprise 4.0

Centeris is now Likewise Software; Announces Availability of Likewise
Enterprise 4.0

Release includes significant authentication enhancements plus more than 500
group policies for Linux, UNIX and Mac systems

BELLEVUE, Wash. – December 4, 2007 – Centeris Corporation, a leader in
delivering mixed network solutions, today announced the release of version
4.0 of its cross-platform authentication software. The company also
announced their new name — Likewise Software. The change to Likewise
builds on the success of the Likewise product brand with large, enterprise

“The traction Likewise has received in the enterprise has exceeded our
expectations. Likewise is the best choice for enterprise customers with
complex networks that are deploying UNIX and Linux in Windows environments.
Likewise Software represents unparalleled support of our customers and the
highest integrity in all aspects of our business dealings,” said Barry
Crist, chief executive officer of Likewise Software.

“RealNetwork’s continued organic growth along with our numerous
acquisitions over the past few years have given us a very mixed computing
environment and all the associated challenges of managing them as one
environment,” said Edmond Mesrobian, Chief Technology Officer of
RealNetworks, Inc. “Likewise Enterprise 4.0, will allow us to smoothly
integrate our Linux and Unix servers and desktops into our Active Directory
infrastructure, assisting us with our compliance efforts, and should
significantly reduce our cost associated with user authentication and

Highlights of Likewise Enterprise 4.0

* Unparalleled Active Directory Group Policy Support with more than 500
Group Policies

Likewise Enterprise 4.0 is the only solution with more than 500 Active
Directory Group Policies for managing Linux, UNIX and Mac servers and
desktops. There are policies for security, authentication and
identification, logon, display, message, logging and audit, file system,
and tasks. Just a few of the new group policies found in the 4.0 release
allow you to specify the DNS servers and search domains on target Mac OS X
computers, configure and customize your log-rotation daemon, and send
encrypted passwords to third-party SMB servers.

* Linux Desktop Support

To support a number of high profile, Linux desktop projects in large
financial services organizations, Likewise Enterprise 4.0 includes Linux
desktop user configuration settings that can be set from Microsoft Active
Directory – allowing you to centrally manage Linux desktops, easily set
consistent group policy, and lock down the security of your desktops. You
can apply settings for the most popular desktop applications such as
Firefox, Evolution, and Banshee.

* Easily Manage Active Directory from a Linux Machine

In response to demand from our enterprise customers, Likewise Software has
made it possible for Linux and UNIX administrators to manage Active
Directory from a Linux machine through the Likewise Administrative Console
– a pluggable framework that provides MMC-like functionality and runs on
any Linux platform.

* Significant Enhancements in Authentication and Authorization

Organizational unit-level deployment and administration requires no
enterprise domain administrative privileges for increased flexibility. In
addition, Likewise Enterprise 4.0 streamlines the customer’s ability to
allow users and groups to access resources by linking cells to share
attributes across organizational units (OUs).

“The non-Windows desktop group policy advancements in Likewise Enterprise
4.0 are a significant advancement,” said Guy Lunardi, Senior Product
Manager at Novell for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. “With thousands of
group policies to offer, Novell and Likewise Software are working with some
of our largest SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop customers to lock down their
desktops with Likewise Enterprise, for increased security and control. The
ability to manage SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop machines using existing
Active Directory group policies makes it even easier for customers to
deploy Linux desktops alongside their existing Windows machines.”

Availability and Pricing

Organizations can download a free evaluation copy of Likewise Enterprise
4.0 at ( or by calling
800.378.1330. Likewise Enterprise is priced at $249 per server license and
$49 per workstation license.

About Likewise

Likewise enterprise solutions improve management and interoperability of
Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac systems with easy-to-use software for
administration and centralized cross-platform authentication. Likewise
Enterprise provides familiar Windows-based tools for system administrators
to seamlessly integrate Linux, UNIX and Mac systems into Microsoft Active
Directory. This enables companies running mixed networks to use existing
Windows skills and resources, maximize the value of their Active Directory
investment, strengthen the security of their network, and lower Linux
server TCO.

Likewise Software is a Bellevue, WA-based software company funded by
leading venture capital firms Ignition Partners, Intel Capital, and Trinity
Ventures. Likewise has experienced management and engineering teams in
place and is led by senior executives from leading technology companies
such as Microsoft, F5 Networks, EMC and Mercury.

For more information, visit (

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