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iCash v4.0

LOS ANGELES, California (November 13, 2007) — Maxprog is proud to present
a new release of iCash, new version 4.0, available now in English, German,
French, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese on Maxprog
website with a lot of new features and improvements like budgeting support,
new overview panel navigator and flat lists, Bar and Pie charts and
currency update thru the internet to name a few. (Full list available at
the bottom)

Maxprog’s iCash is a $39 personal finance and money manager software
designed to track incomes, expenses, credits, debts and banks transactions.
It offers unlimited categories, multiple accounts creation, multiple
currencies, a SQL backend engine, password protection, export/import
routines, search functions, and drag & drop support. [Mac OS X and Windows]
(Available in English, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Russian,
Spanish and Portuguese)

iCash is a Personal Finance software, a tool intended to control your
money, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks
transactions for you. As simple as creating the accounts you need and move
money between them! You don’t even need to know about accounting or even
care about it!

iCash can serve several small accounting needs for either private users, or
clubs, associations, self-employed, small businesses or simply to be used
at home, making keeping track of incomes, expenses and Bank transactions a
snap. With a few clicks you can begin creating accounts and making
transactions in minutes.

iCash is versatil and user-friendly. For this reason it doesn’t use the
principle of double-entry bookkeeping making it much easier to be used by
people with very little or no accounting knowledge at all. Simply create
accounts for all your expenses, incomes, Banks…and start moving money
between them! iCash will then allow you to find out where all your money
comes from and where it goes. All accounts are well organized according to
user-defined categories and built-in types so reports can be tailored to
include all records or only ones meeting specified criteria. iCash also
allows you to have as many money manager documents as necessary so you can
control almost anything from Clubs, associations, home and so on at the
same time.

MAX Programming, LLC. also known as Maxprog is a privately held company
based in Spain dedicated to Macintosh and Windows software development. MAX
Programming mainly develops and markets Internet, communication and
database tools. MAX Programming is unique in its approach to business,
especially when it comes to customer care and satisfaction. In fact, our
goal is to give each customer the utmost in personal attention and service.

MAX Programming, LLC was founded in the early nineties by French-born
programmer Stanley R. Busk, after over 15 years of experience in the
high-tech networking industry and computer software development, now Chief
Executive Officer of the company. Since its creation, MAX Programming has
built firm business relations with thousands of clients from over 117
countries with products localized in up to 10 different languages.

Full-featured demos of MAX Programming Software products are available via
the company’s web site:

You can get iCash in 9 different languages (Mac OS X and Windows) here:


– No accounting knowledge required, no double-entry bookkeeping.
– Easy-to-use, straightforward and user-friendly all-in-one interface.
– Share your documents between your Mac and your PC hassle free.
– Unlimited Accounts, Categories and Contacts.
– Logical Account classification by category and type.
– Multiple currencies support with exchange rate manager.
– Transaction auto-balance and reconciliation.
– Scheduled and recurring transactions support.
– Full Budget support with customizable calculator.
– Project categorization of transactions for queries and reporting.
– Pre-defined customizable Reports.
– Advanced recordable Queries and Statistics.
– Chart creation by account, type, category including Profit & Loss.
– Fast Import and Export of Categories, Accounts and Transactions. (OFX,
– Powerful SQL database engine with auto-backup protection.
– Multi-document interface with password protection.
– Native versions for Mac OS X and Windows.

What’s new

– Budgeting support
iCash v4 introduces Budgeting, a feature designed to replace cumbersome and
error-prone spreadsheets. Indeed, it is now possible to take advantage of
the data you have been typing in iCash so far in order to create a budget.
iCash budget feature is very user-friendly and straightforward, just adjust
a few parameters, click on the calculate button and you are done. Actually
when you use iCash budgeting feature, there are two ways to set it up. One
is to let iCash look at your history and estimate what the budget should be
and the other way is to assign a number for a specific item. In fact,
accounts and categories are automatically populated so they can be adjusted
manually. In addition, a summary panel displays all the totals per interval
for both your incomes and expenses. You can create as many budgets as
needed and as usual, you can print and export them.

– Overview Panel navigation
We have brought iCash Overview panel to a whole new level giving you the
ability to browse thru types and categories as if you were handling folders
on your desktop. You can double-click a type or category to see its
contents down to account level. You can go back and forth, return to root
view, refresh a view, print or export current view and hide or display
deactivated items. A new navigation toolbar has been placed right above the
viewer. In addition a new pull-down menu lets you jump to a given view by
telling iCash to display a given type or category. This is really handy if
you need to temporally isolate the items you are interested in. Of course
next time you open a document, last view will be restored.

– Overview Panel flat list display
The Overview panel finally offers the possibility to also display flat
lists. In fact, you can now set iCash to show a flat list of accounts from
multiple categories and/or types at once rather than hierarchically
organized as it was done so far. That allows you to easily compare accounts
by sorting them exactly the way you need. Of course, it also allows you to
print what you see on screen so you are no longer limited to default
hierarchically organized lists.
Currency update thru the Internet
If you are connected to the internet, it is now easier than ever to keep
all your currency exchange rates updated. Just open the currency window and
click on the ‘Update Now’ button. All rates will be updated taking the
default currency as the reference. The default currency is the one in bold
on the list. You can easily change it, select any currency, press your
mouse right button (or Cmd+left button) and select the ‘Make Default’ menu.
Once done, don’t forget to click on the ‘Update Now’ button to take the new
currency as the reference and to update all rates accordingly.

– Support for Bar and Pie charts
The Toolbar pie chart icon has finally been honored. Now you can create
both bar and pie charts in addition to default line chart. Line and bar
charts are intended to display the evolution of an account or a group of
accounts over the time whilst the pie chart simply shows ratios. In
layman’s terms it simply allows you to visually compare accounts or
categories of the same type. For example it allows you to know the
proportion of a given expenditure compared to others.

– Colored balance status
Both the general and transaction status lines now use colors to display
positive and negative amounts. Besides it looks pretty it is very likely
many users will discover its utility for the first time. Indeed, that line
offers a quick view of your current situation. Color was a long time
request actually.

– Enhanced balance report
You can now create a Balance report by category. When selecting ‘Balance
sheet’ you now have three choices, ‘Summarized’, ‘Accounts’ and
‘Categories’. In addition you can create a report at a given date or for a
date range. By choosing a date range you simply ask iCash to calculate the
balance at two different dates and the variation between them. In other
words, you can get for example January 1st and December 31th balances on
the same sheet along with the variation percentage between those two dates.

and also…

– Much faster DB engine
We took advantage of this new release to update the SQL engine used by
iCash to the very last version available. All procedures are now much
faster. Besides of that this new version will also allow future

– Deactivated Accounts
Accounts can now be deactivated directly from both the Overview panel and
the account editor window. In addition you can set iCash to hide such
accounts. As a reminder a deactivated account doesn’t appear in pull-down
menus throughout the application so it can no longer be chosen.

– Duplicating or transferring transactions to same days
The transaction duplication/transfert window has been enhanced to allow
transferring or duplicating transactions to a different month keeping each
transaction original day. That lets you for example duplicate/transfert
transactions on march 1, 2 and 5 to april 1, 2 and 5.

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