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MBS REALBasic plug-in, New Leopard Features

NICKENICH, Germany (November 7th, 2007) — Monkeybread Software is proud
to announce that the pre-release version of the MBS REALBasic plug-in
collection is available for download and testing.

You can use the plug-ins in Realbasic to do:

– Run slideshows using the IKSlideShowMBS class just like Apple Mail or
Finder do it.
– Display the user picture chooser using the IKPictureTakerMBS class,
like in iChat. Choosen picture can either be a file or an iSight
snapshot that can then be cropped. The picture choose also supports
Photo Booth like effects.
– Display QuickLook previews from any folderitem using the QuickLookMBS
– Read and write calendar events/tasks from/to the iCal database using
the CalendarStoreMBS class.
– Use the IconMBS class and the folderitem.IconMBS methods to create and
display icons up to 512 pixels in size.
– Mark files as being excluded from TimeMachine.
(see BackupSetItemExcludedMBS and others in the folderitem class)

also you can use new and improved Mac OS X features:

– Displaying the Spotlight search window using the SpotlightMBS class.
– Delivering e-mails using the NSMailDeliveryMBS class using the SMTP
settings from Apple Mail.
– Get full access to all Addressbook records and the newest properties.
– Use new NSSpellCheckerMBS methods.

The final version (7.7) is expected to be available end of november

More features will come. All plugins can be freely tested in the
REALbasic IDE while compiled applications require a valid licence.

Information for the plug-ins can be found here:

Download the 7.6 release of the plugins here:

And update it with the lastest 7.7 pre-release from here:

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