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SmileOnMyMac: 3 Updates, All Products Are Leopard-Ready

SmileOnMyMac Releases 3 Updates and Announces All Products Are

San Francisco, CA — October 25, 2007 — SmileOnMyMac, developer of
productivity software for Mac OS X, has released updates to
TextExpander, BrowseBack and PhotoPrinto. With these updates, their
entire line of products is compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
DiscLabel, PDFpen and PageSender had been updated previously to be
Leopard-compatible. The updates are free to registered users of the
current versions.

TextExpander 2.0.3 can be downloaded at:

BrowseBack 1.4.1 can be downloaded at:

PhotoPrinto 2.1.1 can be downloaded at:

DiscLabel 4.1.1 can be downloaded at:

PDFpen 3.3 and PDFpenPro can be downloaded at:

PageSender 4.1 can be downloaded at:

– The current versions of all SmileOnMyMac require Mac OS X 10.4 and

PDFpen: $49.95; PDFpenPro: $94.95; DiscLabel: $32.95; TextExpander:
$29.95; PageSender: $39.95; BrowseBack: $29.95; PhotoPrinto; $29.95,

SmileOnMyMac makes creative productivity software for Mac OS X, such
as PDFpen, the PDF editing tool that was rated 4 mice by Macworld;
DiscLabel,the Macworld Eddy award-winning CD label design program;
PageSender,feature-rich fax software that also received an Eddy;
TextExpander, the typing shortcut tool, and BrowseBack, the visual web
history tool that won Best of Show at Macworld 2006. All SmileOnMyMac
products are available to download free at

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