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MarketBuddy 1.0 for Mac OS X

Market any Product on the Internet

October 25, 2007 – Excel Software is shipping MarketBuddy 1.0 for Mac OS X
and Windows. MarketBuddy can reduce the human effort required to market
any product or service using the power and worldwide reach of the Internet.
It stores and organizes marketing contact information, then automates
common marketing activities.

* Post News to Web Sites and Press Release Distribution Sites
* List in Product Directories and Publish White Papers
* Fill Web Forms and Upload Trial or Shareware To Software Sites
* Manage Email Lists and Send Newsletters
* Support Customers and Track Sales Leads

MarketBuddy presents a window with panels for Groups, Contacts, Documents,
Emails and Setup. The user can create groups and add contacts assigned to
any number of groups. Each contact record stores street and email address,
web links, notes and other custom fields and checkboxes. Data can be
imported or exported as comma delimited or XML formatted files with field
names mapped to support existing databases.

The Documents panel organizes and stores newsletters, press releases and
other text documents. The Emails panel organizes and stores lists of email
addresses. Manage email lists by adding, removing, collecting, cleaning and
sorting addresses. The batch email capability allows messages to be
individually customized and precisely targeted. The delivery process
includes preview, attachments, start, stop and job persistence.

The Internet contains thousands of web sites for posting press releases,
news stories, product information, white papers, software downloads and
other marketing communications. Each site has unique URLs, email addresses,
login usernames, passwords and data entry forms. Most sites protect against
robot generated form spam by requiring human validation. The Integrated
Browser and Click Field capability enables the user to visit and post
information to each web site by simply clicking fields. Marketing
activities that once required days of effort for each product release can
now be completed in hours with greater accuracy.

MarketBuddy Windows is $195 for a Single User License that runs on all
computers from Windows 98 through Vista. MarketBuddy Mac OS X at $195 is a
Universal Binary application that runs on PPC or Intel based Mac OS X
computers. Each product is available in a 5-User Site License or Unlimited
Site License. The package includes software on CD, printed and PDF manual
plus an integrated help system. Visit the company web site for product
information, a free trial edition or secure online ordering.

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