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Spire USA intros 3 new widescreen laptop bags

Spire USA has introduced three new laptop courier bags, designed to offer outstanding protection, convenience and versatility to widescreen laptop owners. Spire’s new laptop bags are known as the Viro, Endo and Mojo and have a suggested retail price of US$80, $90 and $100, respectively. “These bags don’t just protect your laptop – they do it with style, simplicity and attention to detail,” says Cory Barnes, owner of Spire. “And like all Spire bags, they are designed to hold up to a lifetime of use.” The Viro will hold a 13” MacBook, while the mid-sized Endo is designed for the 15” MacBook Pro, and the largest bag, the Mojo, is for the 17” MacBook Pro. A complete list of features is available from the site.

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