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Group Logic Releases ExtremeZ-IP 5.1

Group Logic Releases ExtremeZ-IP 5.1

Innovative File Name Policies and Discovery Enhancements Increase
Windows/Mac Compatibility and User Productivity

October 17, 2007 ( Arlington , VA) – Group Logic, the leading provider of
Mac/Windows connectivity solutions, today announced the immediate
availability of ExtremeZ-IP 5.1, the only Windows-based server solution to
properly support all releases of the Mac operating system, from Mac OS 9 to
the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5. The release of version 5.1 extends the
product’s lead as the most scalable, compatible, high performance AFP
server on the market today.

With ExtremeZ-IP 5.1, Group Logic is unveiling its innovative new Zidget –
a dashboard widget which enables users to easily discover and access their
print and file servers. This simple dashboard widget or web interface
allows administrators to completely eliminate AppleTalk (and related
maintenance and management costs) from their network – a goal of many
organizations. The Zidget reduces desktop support issues, increases user
productivity and reduces overall management and technology costs.

In addition, ExtremeZ-IP now gives administrators the flexibility to define
and enforce file naming policies, greatly reducing compatibility issues and
improving productivity, especially for users who access these files as part
of a cross-platform workflow. ExtremeZ-IP’s expanded policy enforcement
features also help administrators more fully automate the management disk
space and storage costs, by prohibiting the storage of certain file types.

“ExtremeZ-IP’s new File Name Policy enhancements will help us ensure that
files created by our Mac users can be accessed by Windows users without
breaking the workflow, which is a huge advantage for us,” said Kevin
Emmott, the IT Director at branding and advertising agency Six Degrees
located in Scottsdale, AZ. “As an ExtremeZ-IP user, Six Degrees depends on
Group Logic to ensure that we have the best connectivity possible, and with
its heavy focus on customer needs, the company consistently delivers
innovations unavailable from any other vendor.”

Illustrating its commitment to providing superior customer support and
solutions designed to meet customer needs, Group Logic is increasing
ExtremeZ-IP’s print server scalability and management capabilities in this
latest version. ExtremeZ-IP Print Server version 5.1 can now scale to
support 1,500 simultaneous print queues without impacting performance or
employee productivity. This increased scalability allows administrators to
reduce licensing and management costs by consolidating their multiple print
server software solutions into a single high performance, reliable and
scalable solution. ExtremeZ-IP file and print server are also now IPv6
compliant, providing Group Logic’s customers with industry leading
technology for their next generation networks.

“Group Logic’s goal is to provide customers with the most trusted
Mac/Windows connectivity solutions on the market and the investments we
have made in ExtremeZ-IP 5.1 illustrate the company’s leadership in
increasing print and file server management capabilities,” said T. Reid
Lewis, President and CEO of Group Logic. “These new ExtremeZ-IP
capabilities not only provide our customers with the ability to reduce
management issues and costs, while increasing productivity, but they also
allow users in mixed Mac/Windows environments to seamlessly save, access
and print files without worrying about platform compatibility issues.”

ExtremeZ-IP is used by thousands of customers worldwide who depend on it
for reliable file sharing between their Mac desktops and Windows servers.
It delivers no-compromise access, providing complete platform and
application compatibility. ExtremeZ-IP 5.1 is available immediately and is
a free update available to all licensed ExtremeZ-IP 5.0 users that have an
active support contract. For details on all of the new features,
information on upgrading or purchasing ExtremeZ-IP, or to download a free
trial version, please visit Group Logic’s Web site at
( Upgrades can also be purchased by contacting
Group Logic directly at or by calling +1.703.528.1555
or 800.476.8781.

About Group Logic

Group Logic is the leading provider of network software solutions that
enable customers to gain strategic value, increase productivity and
leverage existing infrastructure investments through enterprise file
transfer and Mac/Windows connectivity solutions. With nearly 20 years of
unmatched experience, Group Logic’s emphasis on customer success is the
very core of its business. More than 2,000 customers trust Group Logic
every day to move and share their files around the world.

Group Logic offers two complementary product lines:

* MassTransit Product Line: Enterprise software solution proven to
transform digital file transfers into strategic business processes.
MassTransit increases productivity and empowers users to manage all aspects
of the file transfer process by simplifying the exchange of digital files,
ensuring accountability and providing visibility into the entire process.

* ExtremeZ-IP Product Line: ExtremeZ-IP File Server is the proven standard
and most trusted solution for file sharing between Mac desktops and Windows
servers, delivering no-compromise access and providing complete platform
and application compatibility. ExtremeZ-IP Print Server delivers reliable
integration between Mac desktops and Windows servers, creating a
single-point of management for enterprise-wide printing.

For more information, visit Group Logic on the Web at
( Group Logic can also be reached at
800.476.8781 / 703.528.1555.

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