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QuickLicense 2.1 for Windows and Mac OS X

Software License Protection, Subscription and Management

October 1, 2007 – Excel Software is shipping QuickLicense 2.1 to manage
secure, flexible licensing of Windows and Macintosh software. The new
release adds Vista support for Windows, Universal Binary support for PPC
and Intel Mac OS X computers, a software subscription capability and a
batch email command for delivering subscription codes, product updates and
other customized messages to selected customers.

QuickLicense allows a developer to create time or execution limited Trial
editions of any software product. A protected perpetual license can ensure
that only allowed users or computers can run the software. The new
subscription capability enables a software product only while on an active
subscription. The user simply enters a unique 5-digit code once each month,
quarter or year to use the software. No web connection is required.

QuickLicense works with any Windows or Mac OS X application developed in
any programming language including Excel spreadsheets, Photoshop pluggins
or Adobe Director multimedia content. With minimal programming, developers
get flexible control over how many days or executions are allowed, which
computers or users can run the software, the security features that protect
it and how the activation process works.

On the first launch, an Activation dialog links the application to a
specific computer. The QuickLicense runtime is a Windows DLL or Macintosh
application file that runs with no menu or dock icon. It appears to the
user as an application dialog. Activation codes provided by phone, email or
instant web page can work with any download or retail distribution process.
The optional Safe Activation Service from Excel Software allows a developer
to present a custom web page, control activation count by serial number and
present instant activation codes. No web site programming is required.
Customer data is available through a secure vendor account.

To use the new subscription capability in QuickLicense, the developer
clicks the Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly radio button. Custom subscription
codes can be delivered to active subscribers by email with one command. The
new batch email capability allows messages to be individually customized
and precisely targeted. The delivery process includes preview, attachments,
delivery logs, start, stop and job persistence.

The QuickLicense system can collect, organize, search, export, import and
manage customer data including custom fields. A Single User License is $495
on Windows (98 through Vista) or Mac OS X (PPC and Intel) or $795 for both
platforms. The package includes examples, tutorial, PDF and printed manual
plus royalty-free distribution of the QuickLicense runtime file for any
number of products or licenses.

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