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Eggplant 4.01


Eggplant 4.01 transforms automation of script maintenance and greatly
reduces script development time

New York, USA — September 27, 2007 — Redstone Software, makers of
Eggplant, the industry leading automation and testing tool for replicating
the end-user experience, announced today that it was engaged in widespread
distribution of its version 4.01 software. Originally released on June 19th
2007, version 4.0 was primarily distributed to Redstone’s existing
customer. Having resolved minor problems identified in version 4.0 Redstone
has now commenced widespread distribution of Eggplant 4.01 through its
direct sales team, partners and online store. Customers cite built-in
autonomic self- healing image-based testing tools found in Eggplant 4.0 as
critical to transform the automation of script maintenance and development

“Redstone Software is committed to delivering the highest quality software
and we achieve this by working closely with our customers,” said
Christopher Young, Managing Director, Redstone Software. “To ensure version
4.0 met this exacting standard, we distributed it to our customers first.
Based on their feedback we made improvements and corrected minor problems.
The result is version 4.01 which we feel confident is now ready for
widespread distribution.”

Eggplant 4.01 represents a step-change in GUI-centric automated testing —
building on Eggplant’s unique two-computer architecture, whereby Eggplant
connects to Systems- Under-Test via VNC and tests applications through the
GUI. The enhanced functionality of the Productiveti feature set that sits
at the core of Eggplant software address the key challenges facing test
automation professionals — mainly the requirements to minimize the cost of
testing in terms of time while increasing overall test coverage through the
creation of ever more test cases. Version 4.01 introduces three new
features that address these challenges: Productiveti Image Doctor,
Productiveti Image Import and Productiveti Image Collections. These
features automatically address changes to the testing interface during
script execution, facilitate the rapid development of new test cases and
reduce ongoing script maintenance. In addition to reducing the amount of
time it takes to develop new scripts, autonomic self-healing of scripts
during script execution serves to dramatically simplify ongoing maintenance.

Productiveti Image Doctor enables autonomic, self-healing of test scripts
by dynamically identifying differences in interface elements that may
change from one script execution to another. This greatly simplifies script
maintenance and greatly reduces the fragility of scripts. Productiveti
Image Import minimizes the amount of time required to create new test cases
by importing graphic images into Eggplant for use in test script creation.
Productiveti Image Collections simplifies script development time by
logically grouping several representations of an image that is callable
within an Eggplant script using a single reference name. The importance of
this last point is wide reaching. Since similar images of objects on
multiple OSes, in various applications and even text images representing
the same word in multiple languages can now be stored under one name
reference in Eggplant, scripts become highly portable yet simpler to create.

“Eggplant is already widely recognized in the industry for its power and
ability to enhance automated testing environments. Our ongoing customer
case study program clearly indicates this. The positive feedback we have
received regarding these features, combined with several significant
pending license sales, is proof that Redstone continues to offer the value
and productivity improvements that customers have come to expect,” explains
Christopher Young, Managing Director, Redstone Software. “Eggplant has
proven itself to be truly unique among a myriad of competitive test tools.
The fact that it currently runs exclusively from Mac OS while enabling
automated application testing on any OS through VNC are two key
differentiators that set it apart from any competition. Its power lies in
its ability to expand overall test coverage into areas where automation was
previously perceived as impossible. With Eggplant, organizations can use
their existing testing tools to enhance their existing testing practices.
By deploying an intelligent test automation tool they are in a better
position to drive the success of their businesses.”

About Redstone Software

Redstone Software, the company “Driving Success Through Automation”, is the
leader in the development of image-based automation, testing and remote
access software products. Redstone’s products are designed to recreate and
enhance the end-user experience. Redstone’s flagship product, Eggplant,
tests any system, validates any platform and automates any process. Many of
the world’s most successful organizations and individuals rely on Redstone
Software to ensure delivery of the highest quality products and services
and the best end-user experience possible. For more information, please

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