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Nova media updates Mobile Connection Suite

Berlin, Germany, September 14th — nova media today unveiled launch2net
version 1.6.17 with support of 10 additional mobile phones, including Sony
Ericsson P1i and Nokia 6120 Classic.

launch2net turns a mobile device into a wireless internet connection tool
for a Mac OS X computer and includes presets for mobile network operators
worldwide. The connection suite supports most mobile devices available,
like ExpressCard and wireless USB-modems, PC datacards and mobile phones.

“Imagine you are heading to China and want to use a pre-paid SIM card to
avoid roaming costs.”, states Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson of nova
media. “I assume it will be difficult to get the connection settings from
their network support team, especially if you are using a Mac. With
launch2net, all settings are already included and it is a snap to connect
in seconds.”

Since most mobile data users need to track the data volume transferred or
the time spent online to keep control of the online costs, the mobile
connection suite allows to monitor these vital connection details as well.

launch2net is available today for 75,- Euro plus VAT at the companies
website at and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
The update to version 1.6.17 is free for current owners of a valid
launch2net license.

About nova media:

The founders of “nova media Mobile Data Solutions GmbH” started their
business in 1996 in Berlin. The company is specialized on mobile data
solutions for Mac OS, Windows and Palm OS. More information at or phone +49 30 3909040.

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