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Solve Elec 2.1 Educational Electricity And Electronics Software

PARIS, France (September 13, 2007) — Corinne Queme is pleased to
announce the release of Solve Elec 2.1.

Solve Elec is an educational electricity and electronics software for
circuit analysis and resolution. Solve Elec runs on Mac and Windows
in English and French, and is a freeware.

Main features :
– circuit drawing
– computation of litteral formulas for any current intensity, voltage
or potentiel defined in the circuit by the mean of a formal calculus
– verification of equations related to the circuit
– graph drawing
– definition of quantities by their formula
– equivalent circuits
– editing, saving and printing reports made of various elements
displayed in main window
– integrated help.

Analyzed circuits function in direct current and may contain usual
components such as supplies, resistors, diodes, transistors and

New in version 2.1 :
– equivalent circuits drawing and formulas : equivalent resistor,
Thevenin and Norton equivalent.
– circuit exportation and importation, imported circuits are added
to the current circuit.
– enhanced drag and drop for reports.
– various bugs fixed.

Solve Elec 2.1 was made with REALbasic, by REAL Software.

Web site :

Direct download :
For Mac (UB) in English :
For Mac (UB) in French :
For Windows in English :
For Windows in French :

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