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GT Security Debuts SecuriKey version 2.0

GT Security Debuts SecuriKey version 2.0
Featuring New Integrated Encryption & Authentication for the Mac

Award Winning Security Technology Provides Best Practice Level Security for
the Mac

LAWRENCE, KS (September 12th, 2007) — GT Security, a leading provider of
laptop and computer information security solutions for data protection and
user authentication, announced today the launch of the new SecuriKey v2.0.
SecuriKey v2.0 features the first integrated AES encryption and
multi-factor authentication solution designed for the Mac. This combination
of strong, two-factor authentication and AES data encryption provides total
security for mobile data on MacBooks and PowerBooks and can be used to lock
down important information on Mac desktops and servers, too.

“As the problems associated with data theft, unauthorized network access
and stolen laptops become increasingly common, the need for a complete Mac
OS security system has never been greater,” said Bennett Griffin, CEO of GT
Security. “SecuriKey 2.0 solves the problem with terrific capabilities that
make it a robust, easy to use, and cost effective solution for companies
and organizations that use the Mac.”

SecuriKey combines USB token and password technologies with AES data
encryption on the hard drive to provide totally secure, yet user-friendly
computer access control and data protection. The product works essentially
as an “ignition key” for the user’s Mac notebook or desktop — simply
insert the token in any available USB slot, enter the correct password, and
access to the computer is granted. Remove the token, and SecuriKey’s
Continuous Protection automatically locks the computer. SecuriKey v2.0 also
includes the SecuriKey Encrypted Volume for maximum data protection. The
SecuriKey Encrypted Volume utilizes industrial strength AES encryption to
protect important information. It functions essentially like a second,
encrypted hard drive and it can only be opened with both the correct
SecuriKey USB Token and the correct password.

SecuriKey 2.0 is available in two editions. SecuriKey Professional 2.0 is
designed for fast, single-user deployments. SecuriKey Pro Multi-User 2.0 is
designed for group deployments and provides meaningful administrative
control without the IT complexities of back end infrastructure. Both
SecuriKey editions support Mac OS X as well as Windows XP and Windows
Server 2003. Windows Vista support is planned for January, 2008.

SecuriKey Professional 2.0 and SecuriKey Pro Multi-User 2.0 are currently
shipping worldwide. To purchase any of the SecuriKey products, call
SecuriKey at 1-800-986-6578 or visit (

About GT Security:
GT Security is a leading provider of information security solutions for
user authentication and data protection. The award-winning SecuriKey line
of user identification and authentication solutions provides secure
2-factor authentication and data protection to businesses and organizations
for local, network, and mobile access control. For more information, visit
the SecuriKey Web site at (

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