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Toon Boom Studio 4

Toon Boom Studio 4 Is Released

Montreal (September 6, 2007) – Emmy Award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc.
today announced the release of Toon Boom Studio 4. With each release, Toon
Boom Studio is injected with new advanced features that help users make the
most of their talents and their time. Studio 4 increases your ability to
create a wider range of animation styles easily, all within a more user
friendly interface.

Feature highlights include:

– New User Interface offers unparalleled flexibility and increased
– Photo Animation Made Easy to animate bitmap images like any other
vector drawing.
– Extended Line Styles to create a multitude of line styles including
– Feather Edges to create vector blur or glow effects.
– More Peg Functionalities to easily create improved motion effects.
– Advanced Web Publishing Options for seamless playback on the
– Over 30 new features and improvements, including support of Adobe
Illustrator layers, the Vectorize Preview window, improved drawing
tools, Alpha Onion Skinning and support of Tablet PC OS (for Windows
XP and Vista).

Buy Toon Boom Studio 4 now at the launch special of $329.99 US (Promo code:
TBS091307), valid until September 13, 2007. Studio 4 customers can log into
their Members/My Products Page on Toon Boom’s web site and download this
latest release immediately. All orders requiring shipping will be processed
at the end of September 2007.

Information about Toon Boom Studio 4 is now available online at

About Toon Boom Animation Inc.
Toon Boom Animation Inc. is the worldwide leader in animation software
solutions. Toon Boom carries entry level and high-end animation software
solutions for film, television, web, games, mobile devices and training
applications. Toon Boom’s solutions also include powerful pre-production
tools ideal for all animated or live-action projects. In 2005, Toon Boom
was granted the Primetime Emmy Engineering Award by the Academy of
Television Arts & Sciences for its significant contribution made to the
animation industry targeted for television, in North America and throughout
Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In 2006, the IT Federation of Quebec
(FIQ) awarded an OCTAS 2006 in the Multimedia – educational and cultural
sector category, for Toon Boom Studio V3. In 2007, FIQ awarded an OCTAS
2007 in the Technological Innovation category, for Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.

Toon Boom’s client base ranges from major studios creating Hollywood
blockbuster animated films to individual animators creating their first
masterpieces. Market-leading studios using Toon Boom’s products include
Nelvana, Warner Bros., Mercury Filmworks, China Central Television, Toonz
Animation India, Starburst Animation, Answer Studio, Alphanim, Cosgrove
Hall, Cromosoma and Lanterna Magica, to name a few. Some of the prestigious
productions done with Toon Boom’s technology include Les Triplettes de
Belleville, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, The Rugrats, SpongeBob The Movie,
Curious George, Go West: A New Lucky Luke Adventure and The Simpsons Movie.

For additional information, visit Toon Boom at

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